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by javalin390
Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:23 pm
Forum: Boat and Hull
Topic: hull repair
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Re: hull repair

I'm guessing she was in dry dock! Another shop to look into would be big shops that do repairs in big trucks, semi's, fire truck and the like. The big truck shop, or like Busia says, an aircraft repair shop, may have to ability to go mobile and fix your boat on site after the estimate.
by javalin390
Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:09 pm
Forum: Corrosion
Topic: Bow Rail Restoration
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Re: Bow Rail Restoration

Great post Carl. Mine need some attention as well. Thanks for the great photo's.
by javalin390
Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:03 pm
Forum: Drivetrain
Topic: Auto pilot
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Re: Auto pilot

Interesting question. This may sound unrelated, but bear with me. I was told by my boat's previous owner that mine was originally equipt with auto pilot. My guess is that it was removed, perhaps because it broke and quit working (don't really know) possibly because it worked off Loran, which has bee...
by javalin390
Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:47 pm
Forum: Engines
Topic: Replacing 2 Chysler 318's
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Re: Replacing 2 Chysler 318's

As a professional mechanic for the last 25 years, and spent time working in a shop that was a Jasper dealer, my advise is DON"T DO IT. Every, and I mean every jasper we installed suffered a catastrophic engine failure within the first month of use. The shop owner eventually quit selling them be...
by javalin390
Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:08 pm
Forum: Cabin and Interior
Topic: Fresh Water Tanks
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Re: Fresh Water Tanks

I have found mine are starting to leak. What did you end up doing to fix/replace them?
by javalin390
Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:03 pm
Forum: Cabin and Interior
Topic: Front windows on cabin
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Re: Front windows on cabin

Curious to see how your window project turned out. Can you post some pictures?
by javalin390
Sun May 21, 2017 7:04 pm
Forum: Boat and Hull
Topic: Rough seas
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Re: Rough seas

Ah, interesting post. My very first trip was for the Marinette Rendezvous during my first year of ownership at the Huron Boat Basin in 2015. All those that did attend can tell you it was a terrible weekend, weather wise. Rendezvous was fun though. I was the last one to arrive that Saturday morning, ...
by javalin390
Sun May 14, 2017 8:42 pm
Forum: Boat and Hull
Topic: Custom rear top fabrication
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Re: Custom rear top fabrication

Can't get over how nice that turned out.
by javalin390
Wed May 10, 2017 7:31 pm
Forum: Boat and Hull
Topic: 37 sedan flybridge removal
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Re: 37 sedan flybridge removal

Yes, this topic has been covered, and the bridge of a 37' comes off. Mine was transported over land by the previous owner and I do believe the seat pedestals have to be removed as well.
by javalin390
Tue May 09, 2017 3:40 pm
Forum: Boat and Hull
Topic: Fuel tank capacity
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Re: Fuel tank capacity

My 37' sedan/flybridge has two tanks also, can't remember the size. She weighs 16,500. The weight I know from the shipping paperwork from transporting it by truck.

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