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Forum rules
Please, do not post your actual email address (except to register) in public websites.
New members may not post until approved. The forum is about Marinette Owners and other aluminum boat boaters who wish to share boating information. Aluminum Roamer and other metal boat owners are also welcome. (Do not post content you do not have the right to post and mass (robots) posters are unwelcome.)

Members are required to describe your boat in sentences and where you boat (what rivers or location) in the profile. Boat name is required, Owner first name is required, as well as a text description of the boat with a qualitative statement (likes and don't likes). And finally write something you like or dislike about the ISP, phone or internet company or service you use. This information is not made public (only admins see this and you). This is in the user profile. If you do not own a boat, describe yourself and/or company and why you are here and state how you need to be here.

You can post periodically, if you are a company selling a product that Marinettes would be interested in. Those posts must contain content. Please don't abuse the email addresses you may acquire

State by what permission, you copy content and accredit properly. We have space for pictures on the new location. PLEASE post in the appropriate folder. Please, do not post your actual email address in publicly readable websites.

Nothing offensive - It's a boat forum. Nothing I wouldn't want my mother to see. Sheesh!. No deeply off color jokes, references or names.

Rule 1) As in our prior forum - Be a class act. If you don't know what that is ... don't come here.
Rule 2) Copyright is respected - don't post without the rights to the content
Rule 3) It's about boats - specifically our boats, water and people (boaters). Not politics, religion, sex or charity. Emails, calls, and posts are included in this. DON'T POST POLITICAL, RACIST, OR SEXIST JOKES, I don't care ... it's a private site.
Rule 4) You must have a first name, valid email address and location, and Boat Info. You will not be granted access without boat info either describing your aluminum boat in detail or explaining in detail why you need to be here. (You don't need to own one, but explain then why you are part of the forum).
Rule 5) No flaming, we respect opinions but no flames.
Rule 6) If you do offend, apologize (at least for the misunderstanding). Hold no grudges and have no grudge held against you. Whether or not you do is up to you, but we will be marinette owners for a long time. You probably will be on this forum for a while, it's a good neighbor policy.
My tolerance for rule enforcement depends upon classiness and following the above.

BTW : Yes, marinettejoe (marinetteman) is not responsible for the opinions, content or advice of the site. I am the site owner. Go away if you are not a boater or interested in boats.

------------------------- -----------------------

The forum follows the polite company rule of no coarseness or deeply vulgar topics. Politics are discouraged except related to boats. On vulgarity, I don't care if it's the boat's name or your dog's name, don't post crass statements.

I regret I will ask those who violate this to please change your display name. You will be given a week to do so.


I will not approve an application for a personalized name if the requested name contains any combination of characters that in any way carries a connotation which may reasonably be seen by a person viewing the name as:

1. Profane, obscene, or vulgar in nature.
2. Sexually explicit or graphic.
3. Excretory related.
4. Used to describe intimate body parts or genitals.
5. Used to describe drugs, drug culture, or drug use.
6. Used to condone or encourage violence.
7. Used to describe illegal activities or illegal substances.
8. Socially, racially, or ethnically offensive or disparaging.
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