salt water owners. longevity?

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salt water owners. longevity?

Postby CapnGary » Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:28 pm

I just purchased a 1986 32 sedan FB. It is in, and has always been in freshwater. Our home is near Pensacola, brackish to saltwater use here. For those who brought there Marinette's to areas like this, how has the boat held up? How long have you had it in these waters, and what have you done to preserver, protect, and maintain your boats? I appreciate you answers in advance.
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Re: salt water owners. longevity?

Postby jralbert » Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:53 pm

Captain, some years ago a frequent poster on this board who lived in MD, kept an M in FL and reported it did well in the salt environment. Here's my take on three things to look out for. Make sure you thoroughly wash down/hose off everything topside after taking her out and often as you can between trips to get the salt off. Salt, as you know will hasten corrosion. Expect it to attack more at the points where the rails attach to the deck and at fitting attachments in general. Those points are vulnerable even in fresh water.

I'd plan to flush out the engines with fresh water periodically because salt will not play well with the manifolds. If you have closed cooling, there's a special fitting that will allow to attach a garden hose to the raw water intake. Not sure but I think it is made by Groco. I didn't have a raw water cooled boat but think you can do the same there but perhaps with a different fitting attachment. Others can guide you on that point but do count on regular flushing.

Pay attention to your anode setup and Capac readings.

Enjoy your new toy
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Re: salt water owners. longevity?

Postby Harryb » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:49 am

Hi Gary I 've had my boat docked on the gulf north of Tampa since 2011 and no problems.We rinse it off after use including the inside running gear. You have to keep up on the zincs and do the bottom about every 18 monts, I use trilux 33. You should also come up with a engine fresh water flush system. I use two way valves just above the water strainers so it nevers sits with salt water in the engines after use. I hope this helps.
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Re: salt water owners. longevity?

Postby Busia » Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:59 pm

I've had my boat in the water here in Ketchikan for 11 years. I would say that closed cooling with anti-freeze in the engine is a must. Otherwise you will need new engines about every 10 years. I did change my exhaust risers that mixed the salt water with the exhaust. Did that last winter after ten years. Plan on changing most of the anodes every year, only use aluminum anodes. Best place to get them is Understand how the Capac works. If not, there are explanations here in other posts. I would check your meter with a digital voltmeter. Took my meter out and just use a Fluke when I want to check it. Don't use any bottom paint with copper in it. Even if they say it is safe. Don't be surprised if you have problems with switches corroding and needing to be changed. Otherwise it is all the same problems of owning a boat. Plan on spending more money on the boat than you can ever sell it for. Plan on learning everything about your boat and working on it your self. I would say most people should get a trailer for their boat, it will pay for itself. Lots of aluminum boats here, most are bigger fishing boats. Send me a PM if you have questions--Ed
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