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Interesting find...

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 7:32 pm
by javalin390
Was driving up the boat last week thru Monroeville, Ohio and discovered three old boats for sale. I have driven past there a hundred times, over the years and never noticed them before. At first I thought one was a Big M, so I stopped in to take a look. The owner, or should I say benefactor, was an older lady that was cleaning out her late husband's collection of old cars, parts, marine accessories. He had just recently passed, so the lady and her two sons were clearing out the warehouse where it was all stored. The formal, squared off lines of the first boat had me thinking Marinette, but was actually a 70's model Inland Seas Steel Clipper. Nice boat, but it was already sold. The other two were also Steel Clippers, both almost identical, a 33' and a 34'. These two were of a much older vintage. The lady wasn't sure of the years, but they both appear to be somewhere in the 1958-1962 era. The 33' appeared to be in good shape and intact except the lady said she had her engines and transmissions removed. She had no swim deck, so I couldn't climb up and board her. The 34' on the other hand had a deck, with flip down ladder, the lady said go ahead and take a look. This one too was for the most part intact, including all the upper wooden decks, cockpit floor, interior woodwork, cabinetry, chrome, railings, etc... But here was the cherry on top ! She still had her original Gray Marine Buick "Wildcat" 401 "Nailhead" V-8's that appeared to be untouched. Not sure if any of you out there know of some hard core Steel Clipper fans, guys with as much passion for these steel boats, as we are about our aluminum ones. I'm afraid if no one wants them they will probably get scrapped (sad because the hulls looked to be pretty corrosion free). If I only had time and money to burn... I have the lady's contact if any of you know someone that would be interested. Here is some links to photo's of what these boats look like (not pictures of the actual boats for sale)

Re: Interesting find...

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 5:52 pm
by Rockit
I looked at a few of them, but because they went of business in the early 1970s the pickings were slim. They are very cool though.

I looked at a 28 after but it was rough and the owner had outsize expectations of its worth. Later that day, I looked at a CC Roamer Dispatcher 30 and although I loved the looks the owner must have loved it more because the price did not reflect its condition.

But the best story is about a 26 that had been in that particular family for a long time. The original Graymarine engine was replaced by a 318, but the topsides were a bigger job than I wanted to undertake at the time. Someone had applied layers of fiberglass over the cabin top, but didn't bother to add enough epoxy (or gelcoat) for a smooth finish.

There was a dimple on the port quarter about the size of a half-dollar. When I noticed that and before I could say a word the owner said "Oh Yeah. That's where the Cigarette boat hit us. He sank." That driver of that plastic boat may have knocked the family in the Clipper to the deck, but they stayed safe and dry.

There are lots of good materials to make boats from, but dents don't leak.

Re: Interesting find...

Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2020 6:22 pm
by javalin390
LOL, that's funny but says it all regarding the difference between plastic and metal boats !! Dents don't leak !

Re: Interesting find...

Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 7:29 am
by Fastjeff
Had to laugh at that one.

Reminded me of my old motocross days when we pulled the steel springs out of the front forks and used air pressure instead. That worked great--until the seals started leaking. The front end would then collapse, which could be rather embarrassing during a race! Springs don't leak," became the rallying cry. Back in then went.