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Replacing cutless bearings on 1” propeller shaft

Postby Grimmjag2 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:18 pm

Hi guys. Need to replace both cutless bearings. I have purchased two new non matelic bearings. Have been viewing U-Tube videos on building a extracter tool. Also have priced purchasing a tool. About $364.00.
My yard machanic says it’s easier and has less chances of damaging anything by removing struts from bottom of boat and using a hydraulic press to remove and replace new ones. Any thoughts?

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Re: Packing Boxes

Postby Busia » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:06 pm

Would not even consider removing the struts unless you have to remove them for some other reason. This is one of the easier, simpler jobs. Just have the boat up high enough you can get under it safely. If it is on a trailer you can drop the tongue down to raise the stern. Jack stands are not safe enough. The boat must be blocked up on solid timbers. Before you get under any boat or car or anything, shake it as hard as you can. If you are afraid to shake it, what the hell are you doing crawling under it???? You can also get some more room to work if you can dig a hole under it a bit. Then pull the props, disconnect the couplings, pull the prop shafts out. Label everything! Remove the setscrews on the struts if you can. Take a coarse hacksaw blade and notch the old bearings in four places. Dig out the old bearings in pieces. (screwdrivers or a half round gouge) When the pieces are out, clean it out with sandpaper. file down the setscrew nubs if they broke off. Drill and tap new holes if you need them. Lube the new bearing and put it in. I use aluminum or zinc anti-seize ( keep some on the boat) Tool for $364.00 ????? no way! Get a foot or so of 1/2" ( 5/8" or 3/4" if you can get it) all thread, nuts, washers, and fender washers. Put two nuts on one end as jam nuts if you want to get fancy. Put nut, washer, fender washer, ..bearing ... fender washer, washer and nut. Make sure the bearing is lubed and goes in straight. Tighten the nut and squeeze the bearing into place. Lube the prop shaft with liquid soap to put it back in. Clean up the props, put anti-seize on them, double nuts and a new cotter key. Cut it to the right length and bend it over pretty.
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