FloScan owners tell us your results.

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FloScan owners tell us your results.

Postby tundrarules » Wed May 23, 2018 2:43 pm

Will some of you FloScan guys chart your gas usage for us?

I/we would be interested in the following. I know there are many factors, just looking for ball park.

Give us the specs on your boat.......Year, length, dirty bottom, loaded fuel and gear?????

**One engine at 1800 (8mph/6.95 knots), dragging one prop. More or less efficient to drag a prop?????
**Two engines at 1800.

**At cruise, around 2800.


I know we have discussed this before. I would like to take the guessing out and see what your FloScan is saying.


1985 29 Sedan
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Re: FloScan owners tell us your results.

Postby Trowerpower » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:40 am

1987 32FT Marinette Sedan Flybridge twin 318/392 Stroker kits Edlebrock 750cfm carbs. Boat is equipped with an Onan 6.5kw generator. Props 16x15. Transmissions 1.51 to 1. Full Isenglass on the flybridge. Boat weight is aprox. 14 to 15,000 pounds with all furnishings and equipment. She burns 6 to 7 gph under 1600 rpm at approximately 8.3 knots. 2500rpm she burns 14 to 15 gph, I do not recall the speed at the moment but approximately 14 knots. 3,000rpm she burns 19 to 20gph at 18.3 knots. I hope this helps. I have 2 - 75 gallon fuel tanks and 40 gallons of water including the hot water tank. at 4,000rpm at 26.4 knots she burns 22gph.$$$$$$$
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1987 32ft Marinette Sedan Flybridge
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