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Postby jralbert » Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:42 pm

Just got a private message, an inquiry from a new member covering two areas; a request for assistance in how to post a new topic and another paragraph describing a maintenance problem.

I am posting it all here in case others may want to know how to make a fresh post.

After you click on Board Index in the upper left, you be taken to a page that lists all the latest posts (the Board Index)> Scrolling down, you will see a section labeled FORUM and just below that a box showing the various forum departments. I know they are in a typeface that is too small but they are links to each of the sections that make up the overall forum. For example, there's a "general" section (it's where I am posting this), another for "cabin and interior", another for electrical, etc. Click on the appropriate area for your fresh post. Sometimes, a topic you wish to start overlaps two areas -- just give it your best guess. When you click on the topic section, you will link to a page that allows you to pose your question or statement. Int he upper left area is a box labeled NEW TOPIC. Click on that and you will get a self-explanatory box to start a topic.

Here's where good headline writing comes in - you'll be asked to fill in the subject. Make it short and clear. Don't write "electrical problem" when the headline would better be "Cabin Lights Shorting Out" or "Fridge doesn't Work on Battery".

So, despite all the words I just used, it's three clicks and a short scroll - Click on Board Index, scroll down, click on the appropriate department, click on NEW TOPIC. Hope this is helpful

and here's his whole query to me: (I am strating a new topic to deal with the mechanical questions.

Need some help. with 2 issues. Number one is how do I post a new topic?
Number 2 I am having a tough time finding out how to remove the drive belt and the sea water pump from this engine. It seems the 2 bolts that might be the mounting bolt for the pump are located under a bracket that seem to support the pump. It appears there is a panel under the cabin steps that might be removable to access the front of the engine. I am having no luck removing this panel Am I all wet trying to access the front of the motor through this area under the step? I removed the screws that were in that panel but the panel does not seem to be loose. There is a threshold to the cabin that appears to be holding the panel in place. Any ideas about engine access from the cabin on my 1973 28 ht express
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