I think i have found the one...

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Re: I think i have found the one...

Postby javalin390 » Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:16 pm

I bought my 37' last year, also docked in Marblehead. I absolutely love it. I too am a mechanic, so I didn't bother with the survey. I didn't even bother with a sea trial. The only issue that reared its ugly head after the purchase, when I launched it this summer, was a leaking rudder packing which I will repair this winter. I doubt a survey would have showed me anything I didn't see already. I'm with State Farm, they didn't require a survey, my agent only asked me a declared value, which I set at the amount that I borrowed from the bank to purchase it. Any of the other little things I've found after the first year of ownership are also getting fixed this winter too, like the horn that doesn't work. This is also my first boat and after seeing how well Marinettes are constructed, and seeing my father's glass boat rot away ( both the wood substructure and the fading gelcoat ) I'd never own a plastic boat. M's are awesome !
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Re: I think i have found the one...

Postby barkleydave » Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:05 am

I have purchased vessels in the past without a survey. (I am very comfortable doing my own survey.) Ok most the stuff on the other posts is stuff you may or may not have to replace. The reality is the Big Issue is HULL INTEGRITY!) What does that leave you for options.

1. Dive under boat and look around... (Not the best option)
2. Have the boat pulled for dry dock inspection. This is the ONLY real way to conduct a proper exterior hull inspection. This will cost you at least 200 bucks unless the boat has a trailer.

Sea Trial... Always nice to have but off season sales makes it difficult.

What I have run into most often now is the Insurance Carriers. Very few will accept anything less than a survey by a certified surveyor within the 5 years. (some are only 2 years).

An example: I was checking this spring looking for a better price for my insurance. I contacted Hagerty. They wanted a dry dock survey even though the vessel was currently covered by another company. To pull my 29 and have a survey was going to cost at least $800-$1000 ! Obviously I would never see any savings by changing insurance companies.

If the boat is all you say it is it is a good deal. Some of the boats sold the past couple of years do not represent the true value of these fine vessels.

You mentioned AC etc. that is a couple of grand already. Good bottom pain a couple of grand etc etc etc.

I know I would not have a prospective buyer survey my boat unless we had agreed on the sale and if rejected after the survey... I would require a copy of the survey.

With a survey you will have the ability to shop for coverage.

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Re: I think i have found the one...

Postby Roger2 » Sat Nov 07, 2015 10:05 am

I replaced my rudder packing with 3 ea National seals stacked, which allows the packing gland nut to tighten down and hold in place. Used National # 471649 they are a little small on OD, so used silicone. no problem for 8 years.
I agree with others, You need the survey. It will be required for insurance, & if you borrow $ on the boat.
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Re: I think i have found the one...

Postby nascarjonb » Sat Nov 07, 2015 1:09 pm

First off, thank you to all who have given me advice in this matter. I have done some thought and have decided to get the survey. The surveyor will be completing it tomorrow and said he will make a 28 page report with pictures inside and out. For 400 bucks I don't think I can go wrong with a little piece of mind. I will repost with the results of the survey. I hope all goes well or its back to square one!! I am very impressed with marinette and I plan on buying a marinett. I hope it's just this one. We have also found a Marina on the bay side right by the in laws canal, we wanted to stay close by land and water!!

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Re: I think i have found the one...

Postby nascarjonb » Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:00 pm

Well the report is in on the "M". Turns out there was only 2 things that the surveyor could find.

-one of the stansions for the bow railing has come loose from the deck and needs to be reattached.

- The bulk head has a indentation behind the starboard engine, it apears that it may have been hit with the motor during hoisting, the indentation can also be seen slightly behind the head. surveyor said this is not a structural issue and i should not really worry about it. he said if it bothers me i will have to remove the head and cut and replace the part of the bulk head. after consulting with the owner it turns out that he had that motor out of the boat to replace a oil pan gasket that was leaking a substantial amount of oil..it could have been hit then. im not too concerned about this issue\

the surveyor said with how this boat has been restored that i should have no issues with the hull and paint for atleast 20 years... surveyor was impressed with the boat and said for the price he feels its well worth it.

we have decided that we are going to move forward and purchase this boat... i cant wait until the spring for the sea trial!!!
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Re: I think i have found the one...

Postby collins69s » Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:53 pm

Congrats! You're going to love your boat.
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