A little crazy?

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Re: A little crazy?

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You didn't note the cost difference. Cost per gal at your current or preferred fuel stop ?? And do you anticipate more "longer" trips where the extra tanks and weight (6lbs/gal) would pay for themselves? Do you have room for the tanks?
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Re: A little crazy?

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Joel, fuel at home ran from $5.25 to $6.00 this past summer for ethanol free. Yes, on the longer trips. That is our main reason for the boat, we try to make 3 or 4 trips to the National Park during our short summers. We live on a beautiful canal that connect to Lake Superior on both sides, around 25 miles end to end. We do use the Marinette for some local cruising, but usually opt for the pontoon for that. There is currently room between the engines and the current fuel tanks, but it is too far aft and I dont want the extra weight back there. That is the reason to try and reconfigure the cabin to come up with the space that would come close to the "wine cellar" size that the sedan models have. With the hopes of getting another 100 gallons of fuel in her. I'm not too concerned about the weight as the 454's seem to have enough power for the task.
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