Temporary Hull Protection

Corrosion, Paint, Through Hulls, etc.
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Temporary Hull Protection

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My question is whether I can put my boat in the water for 6 weeks or so without first dealing with several smaller (most are 1 to 2 inches in diameter) bare aluminum spots on the hull under the water line. More information is below. Appreciate any help on this!

My boat is currently out of the water on stands. I intend to get the bottom soda blasted and painted (Interprotect, Epoxy fill in some areas, and Trilux 33), but the marina can't get to that for another month or so. I want to put the boat in the water now, and haul it back out in 6 weeks to get the bottom done. There are several small areas on the hull that no longer have any bottom paint and there is bare hull showing, some of those areas have some corrosion (some pitting, some surface). I bought this boat in the water in April of last year, so it is likely that many of these areas were bare throughout last summer (I know some of them were). I put on fresh anodes (per specs) last June, and they were around 60% when I pulled it in December. I put new anodes (per specs) on a week ago. My question is will the new anodes prevent any additional hull damage for the next 6 weeks? My Capac readings last summer were consistently between 1.0 and 1.1. Should I also buy an anode to hang over the side for the next 6 weeks as additional protection? If so, how do I know if I am overprotecting? Do I have to sand down those spots and put something on them to protect the hull for 6 weeks (I hope not)?

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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Re: Temporary Hull Protection

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Tim..my vote is yes,, you can. Anodes are key and you've done that. Six wks isn't unreasonable if you don't have any electrical shorts. For a bit of peace of mind you may want to coat the few bare spots you say you have with the product recommended under Trilux. It's easy to do and cheap temp protection until you can get the whole job done. good luck/enjoy the season.
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