Leaking Fuel tank

Corrosion, Paint, Through Hulls, etc.
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Re: Leaking Fuel tank

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Fastjeff wrote: Tue May 17, 2022 7:38 am That looks like the dreaded Whote Gook that is created by ethanol gas and cannot be burned by any known additive. It's also corrosive.
Ditto what Jeff said. Busia is doing the only thing feasible - drain it all and start afresh. If we kept using the boats as we do cars and trucks, there's be little chance for condensation buildup but then we'd be broke.
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Re: Leaking Fuel tank

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Be prepared for sticker shock!
Had to replace orig. tank in my little Chris craft.

Custom 21 gal aluminum tank $1000 !
Boat shop said prices for tanks triple cost past year!
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