Transport nightmare

Corrosion, Paint, Through Hulls, etc.
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Transport nightmare

Postby Butchel » Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:30 am

First let me say many thanks to those who offered tips and advise on removing the fly-bridge, controls, wiring, railings etc. to meet the 13'-6" (on board) transport clearance requirement. I went to Edgewater MD and prepped the boat myself. This forum is a God send and, as I gain experience, I will try to contribute to it. Beware of the estimate you get on a Yacht World listing by entering a destination zip code. The pop-up estimate for moving the boat from Edgewater Maryland to Rockport Texas (1650 mi.) was $2,834. That didn't seem reasonable and it wasn't. After listing on Uship for two weeks and flogging the deal on my own, the best I could do was $7,500. Prices ranged as high as $14,500. The boat transporting business abounds with hustlers who will gouge you for "extras that they didn't figure." If they can get you into an open-ended deal, they will pull a "hold up" at delivery by refusing to unload your boat until you pay a ransom. A budget estimate for long distance transport of a 37 to 41 foot Marinette should be about $5.00/mile.

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Re: Transport nightmare

Postby Leviathon » Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:55 am

That is an amazing story. I had to go about 500 miles with my 32' and it ran $1800 on a hydraulic trailer. I understand if you find the boat you want, you find a way to pay for it and get it home. Only get to do this life thing one time. Your in Texas, so no "boating season" for you. It's everyday!
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Re: Transport nightmare

Postby jralbert » Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:26 pm

The same thing is true in the furniture moving business since dreaded fedl regulation was pared back. Once the watchdogs were called off, the wolves went wild. Sounds like you had a successful outcome. Who did you wind up using? How was their service? Who damaged the keel per your other post? WIll they make good? How or did you insure for the trip? Did the yard at the shipping end help or hinder? What did you learn to pass on? Any other details to help others in the future would be useful here.
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Re: Transport nightmare

Postby EarlBeyer » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:36 am

Thanks for sharing your experience. Transporting vehicles and other belongings from one city to another is bearable but from one country to another is really a tedious task for everyone. One can eliminate this stress by hiring auto transport services. There are many companies which provides such services, you can check over here.

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Re: Transport nightmare

Postby DougDoty » Sun Apr 09, 2017 9:55 pm

I would like to see a short list of midwest boat transporters that folks have had a good experience with and $/mile paid. I am looking to move mine to Erie or St. Claire for a short time, maybe a month or 6 weeks time and back to the Ohio when done.
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Re: Transport nightmare

Postby barefoot99 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:51 pm

Mark and Linda Profitt Jacksboro TN - Norris Lake boat center is the new store. Mark is fair on price and honest on cost . He has a hydro boat hauler that moved my 32 WITHOUT removing the flybridge. Just google them and call Linda they are very helpful.
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Re: Transport nightmare

Postby ronmar » Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:16 am

Good morning. Where did you move your boat from and too? I just bought one and need moved from Port Clinton to Cincinnati. All movers are claiming bridge has to be removed. I have been calling Norris Lake Boat Center but won't return my call. Sure would be nice to see if they could help since familiar with your boat. Mine is a 1990 32 Sedan FB.
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Re: Transport nightmare

Postby pbaker32s » Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:06 am

ronmar wrote:Good morning. Where did you move your boat from and too? I just bought one and need moved from Port Clinton to Cincinnati. All movers are claiming bridge has to be removed. I have been calling Norris Lake Boat Center but won't return my call. Sure would be nice to see if they could help since familiar with your boat. Mine is a 1990 32 Sedan FB.

Only 1 guy to call... he's already up there so he will be home when drops your boat off. I used him a couple months ago... a true professional, has hauled over 3,000 boats

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Re: Transport nightmare

Postby Rockit » Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:22 am

If you find a good hauler, stick with them.

I just put my boat on U-Ship after getting ditched by a hauler and was somewhat surprised by the people trying to get around the bidding rules. "Here's my price, tell me you'll pick me and I'll bid." Um no, that's not how bidding works. One who contacted me was upset that I didn't meet his timing requirements for accepting his bid--I understand you want to lock down your schedule, but I can't drop everything to please you. I told another one three times to bid and then it dawned on me that if I have to remind him to bid, I'll have to remind him to do the job. I accepted a bid the other night and spoke with the winner today. We'll see how it goes and whether I feel I can recommend him.

On John A's recommendation I had Dave Kimar haul my 28 from Marquette to Western PA and he is very reliable. (906-892-8277). I don't know if he's still hauling but he knows his business. He told me he was a Marinette dealer back in the day and used to haul boats from the plant to Marquette. Now I feel stupid because it didn't dawn on me to call Dave this time--although I'm going from PA to AZ for this one.

My uncle bought his 32 sedan new from the factory back in 1978/79 or thereabouts and told me they used a special low trailer so they did not have to remove the bridge. He moved his 32 from Western PA to Deal, MD back in the early 1980s and back a dozen years later removing the bridge both times. He sold it after twenty years and bought a 40' Silverton which he characterizes as a big mistake. Had I had a few more $$ at the time I would have bought his 32--heck I should have bought his 32!

Good luck.
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