dome lights not working Where is ground buss located?

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Re: dome lights not working Where is ground buss located?

Postby Pipercubfan » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:04 am

well thanks everyone for your input. I was able to get the dome lights working last night. the yellow wire for the dome lights was the problem I checked the voltage across the fuse and it read 12 volts but that was the same reading I got when I tested the dome light fixtures. I loosened the terminal screw at the top of the fuse panel a few times to make better contact and I thought I would do the same with the lower screw and sure enough the bottom screw was not making enough contact to make the light go on but was reading 12 volts. after loosening and tightening the screw a few times wala the domes lights are now working. next item will be the horn that does not work I will try a jumper on the horn button and try a jumper wire to the horn relay. if that does not work I will try loosening those screws on the horn relay a few times and see if that works. if not, out on the deck I will go and check the connections at the horns. wish me luck I may wait until the weather here gets a little cooler tonight. I will keep you posted moby rick was right the green death was the problem even when you get a 12 volt reading there still is not enough current to light the lamp fyi thanks all for your input fred glmc

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Re: dome lights not working Where is ground buss located?

Postby seef158 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:47 pm

We see this all the time, I work as a service supervisor for a large diesel engine manufacturer. Just because there is voltage does not mean the wiring will carry the proper amperage. In our shop We use load testers or a headlight to make sure that wiring can carry enough amperage/load.
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Re: dome lights not working Where is ground buss located?

Postby ddependo » Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:28 am

current + moisture + air = corrosion. If we use dielectric grease it takes one of the three out of the equation. Common problem on our cars too. I use vaseline on my battery terminals to prevent the " Green Monster" My 2 cents.
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