LiFePo4 battery build

A/C & D/C Wiring, GPS, Radios, etc.
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Re: LiFePo4 battery build

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I probably could have done a "all-in-one display of pics with the same verbiage but wanted a separate listing as there'll be updates forthcoming as well as some new info. Easier to locate/modify and/or add info/pics.

Pic rotation - not sure. It shows correct orientation within the site but reverts to rotated mode when expanded.

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Re: LiFePo4 battery build

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bcassedy wrote: Sun Mar 10, 2024 8:54 am old man "spirit willing / body 'nah, baby, nah' :oops: )Bill
understand that quite well. I was there 13 yrs ago when I sold CharlieB
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