Saving info from site...

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Saving info from site...

Postby bcassedy » Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:32 pm

Based on what Dependo wrote on the 3rd page of the "Pulpit Restoration" posting, I thought I'd offer some information regarding saving information from this site. He mentioned (possibly tongue in cheek) that he'd printed off a ton of information from the site but it had become unwieldy. I'd like to offer a means of saving info from the Big M site without having to print it off, literally.

There is a program called CutePDF which will allow you to "print" anything as a PDF file. Whenever you want to print something,
1. You'd choose Print as you normally would, but you would choose CutePDF as the "printer" to use.
2. The CutePDF software will open and you'll choose what location you'd like to save the printout to.
3. Click <OK> after making the location selection and giving the file a name.
4. You can then retrieve that "printout" and read as a PDF. If you need a hard copy of it, simply print it out and choose your hard copy printer.

You can find the software here:
-This is Freeware so there's no need to worry about payments or copyright infringement.
- Look for the Free Download button/link on the right side of the screen and Click it
- Once the download completes, <Run> the software.
- Install is pretty straight forward.
* Run it / Accept the license / Use the default install location /
That should do it. If you look in your Devices and Printers locale, you'll find CutePDF listed. That confirms you've successfully installed the software and can now use per above.

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Re: Saving info from site...

Postby jralbert » Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:35 pm

Bill...I use Cute when I want to convert something to PDF, such as a jpg image or Word document. Didn't know you could use it to print a thread on this site
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