New member with questions, Sedan 32

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Re: New member with questions, Sedan 32

Postby ddependo » Fri May 08, 2020 10:53 am

I just had a thought. Why don't you contact one of us on the Tennessee river and ride along with one of us. I can't speak for everyone but I will take you out on my boat and let you see how easy and fun it is.
I'm at Chattanooga. PM me some time for a boat ride.
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Re: New member with questions, Sedan 32

Postby javalin390 » Fri May 08, 2020 7:59 pm

Welcome ! I can attest, my 37' is my first boat, I'm in my mid 50's and I "fly" solo all the time, on Lake Erie no less. A twin inboard has the ability to literally spin in its own circle. I find that when I travel, most places there is always a friendly hand to help you tie off when you arrive. Some fella's seem amazed when they see me maneuver like a pro, but it's a piece of cake with twins.
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Re: New member with questions, Sedan 32

Postby honestcharlie56 » Wed May 13, 2020 7:31 pm

I'm 30.....everyone else stated it first so I don't want to be beat up for not following the threads common rule! My hat is off to you, Ed. You've chosen a great boat to look at. They can be manned single handed, but you need to have everything prepped and ready to go. Everything includes your plan, ropes, contingency plans for possible failures, etc. But considering your history as a pilot, I'm preaching to the choir. One program to check out is navionics, with newer Ipads (I have a bigger I pad pro), you can plop the thing right on the dash (or wherever you like) while you use it as a chart plotter. Once its duty as chart plotter is done for the day, you can: check emails, use the internet to diagnose problems, watch a movie, play white noise so you can sleep, google marina reviews as your travel, etc. etc.

Twins will really help you during docking, but as others have pointed out, you lose one and its a comedy show. We did a ton of work to our 32 this winter and on the first fire up going back into the water, it backfired and killed the starter. I tried to get it to the slip on one engine, not a snow balls chance in hell. That being said, piloting the vessel underway on one engine is no problem at all.

The gen set is a different issue. Working on our 318's is fun enough with a gen set sitting in the middle. I have a 3,000 watt inverter generator with a hard start kit on the AC (16kbtu) and it actually will start and run it. It is loud as hell though. Our current plans are to watch for a 5k diesel genset and run a separate diesel tank.

The 318's are super simple to build, work on, maintain. In my opinion that are quite reliable too. If you need to pull them out of the boat, its quite easy.

Welcome to the forum, LOTS of great knowledge here.
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Re: New member with questions, Sedan 32

Postby coastie1160870 » Sat May 16, 2020 1:47 am

Hello Ed, and welcome aboard..
I am a double amputee with carbon fiber legs.! I have a "87" 32' sedan with fly bridge.. I just got married last December 30th, and the new wife has no boating history. I have been slowly teaching, as I run the boat, single handed. "KOKOMO" has twin 360 Chrysler's. I bought her, last August 2019.. Before that I had a 32 foot Express Cruiser, with twin 318's, and 2500 hours on them.! Before that I had a SeaRay 260 Sundancer with a single Mercruiser 260 outdrive behind a GM 350.. That one was called "C-Waves" and was a dream to handle, but too dang small for a man my size.! [ 6'2"- 300 # ] I put it in the slip and she would float back out before I got out from under the helm..L.O.L. Yep, we had fun docking..
I grew up on Lake Erie, my Grandfather was a Charter Captain when I was born.! Then I did 22 years in the U.S.C.G., Retired as a Commander just before I lost my right leg.! Oh, Did I mention that I still drive.? And NOT with any "special" controls, either.! I have enough of my left foot left to run the gas and breaks, and I have a truck, suv, and a mini-van to run around in... I know it sounds like it, but I'm not bragging..! I'm just saying that if you want it, you CAN do it..! And by the way, I'm a kid here too, at only "60"..( and a half.! )
Like I said. Welcome aboard..! You will love your 32, they are awesome machines..! Ever want to talk about "dock bumping" I do it a lot..! Just send me a message..
Just remember this:
The only guy who ever walked on water, had to get out of the boat, first..!
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Re: New member with questions, Sedan 32

Postby tundrarules » Sat May 16, 2020 9:04 am

Welcome aboard Ed. I’m assuming you purchased “Sea Harmony”. If you don’t have much of a crosswind and both engines you can handle the 32 no problem. If you lose an engine just call ahead on the radio to the fuel dock and they will grab a line to help you in. Best to come in to the end of a dock with not many boats around til the wind dies down or you can get your engine running again. How do I know this? Been there, done that! I’ve tried to beat storm fronts with strong wind while trying to berth.... just wait til the wind dies after the front then park. It’s usually those hot southern pop up thunderstorms that surprise you. The big fronts you can plan for.
Enjoy your new hobby! As everyone here’s expensive but you will make great memories and have the beauty of the river all around you.
See ya around
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