360 Chrysler running like crap cont...

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Re: 360 Chrysler running like crap cont...

Postby bill » Mon May 21, 2018 7:20 am

My last write up on this 4 year on going problem. Finally put this post to bed. :!:

Last fall I replaced the wire going from the ignition switch to the ballast resistor with a new 14 gauge tinned marine grade wire. I followed the orginal wireing harnes and tyraped and taped the new wire to the existing harness with no splices. Took it out for a run and everything seemed ok. Topped off the fuel tanks and pulled boat and winterized it for the winter. Our club has its own fuel dock with 90 octane and no ethanol added too the fuel.

This spring I replaced spark plug wires and plugs. I used wires for a 1975 Chrysler 360 Truck engine and Autolite plugs. These are the wires that go from the distributor to the plugs along side the valve covers. Makes for a neater looking engine. I did notice the new wires were a lot shorter than the old wires that went under the manifolds almost laying in the bilge. :shock: Posible the old longer wires were causing to much resistance. :o I did notice that the old plugs looked like the were starting to foul. :?

This spring after launching both engines started up and ran really well. That is until the port engine stalled and would not restart. After troubleshooting I found the port fuel tank had somehow collect water over the winter. :?: This boat has two 125 gallon fuel tanks. :roll: So after removing two gallons of water from this tank and pulling the top off the carb to remove the water from the bowls. Reassemble the carb and restarted the engine I took it out for a cruise bow up I remove about an additional pint of water from that port tank.

The real test was the past weekends trip to Put in Bay OH. 70 miles round trip. We cruised at 2800 rpms and 19 mph and average 1 gallon a mile. The engines did not sputter or bog down. They purred. :D

Good night Sweet dreams. :D

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Re: 360 Chrysler running like crap cont...

Postby Fastjeff » Tue May 22, 2018 6:01 am

Glad to hear that. I fought a starting issue on Mr. Port for 8 years and never cured it, so I appreciate your achievement.

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Re: 360 Chrysler running like crap cont...

Postby railrunner04 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:20 pm

:lol: Forgot to mention that's holy water I poured in the tank while you were in Florida seems like it worked hope you dont mind :!:
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