Understanding the CAPAC

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Re: Understanding the CAPAC

Postby jralbert » Thu Oct 15, 2020 10:05 am

Jeff: weigh in on the question of a change in Capac reading when boater plugs into shore power. I used to know this stuff but it escapes me. Shore power is AC and shouldn't affect CAPAC which is reading DC potential. If there is AC grounding/short issue should that bleed over into hull stuff??

And on the range question, I used to run at .6 (brackish water - partly salty/partly fresh) and at first it scared me but I didn't see any corrosion and learned to live with it. Your mileage though may vary
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Re: Understanding the CAPAC

Postby Fastjeff » Fri Oct 16, 2020 12:23 pm

Shore power should NOT change the CAPAC readings. If it does, there's something wrong with your isolation unit (and that needs to be corrected).


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