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I am marinettejoe ... now marinetteman on the new site. Metalhead owns this now... if you are looking for the nice people in the city of Marinette... go here .. 

Marinette factory is run by John Althouse ... tell him if you are a forum member at

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Why a Marinette?

Marinette (Aluminum Cruisers) are welded aluminum boats that IMHO are the best choice for an inexpensive cabin cruiser. I doubt one could build a boat like a Marinette today under 300k. Proper anodes and maintenance makes this a hundred year + boat. All (but a few) are more than 20 years old, and many are over 50. You cannot say that about many other boats. Most of the Marinettes ever built are still afloat. Repairs on the boat are generally paint, engines and topside leaks.

It does not take a huge amount of effort to bring a project Marinette back to pristine condition for the dedicated boater. They are sought after in areas where aluminum boats with shallow draft and planing hulls are preferable (Puget sound, in rivers and lakes). The hull does not get hot to touch. They are not uncommon in the Chesapeake Bay, on Great Lakes, and on eastern US rivers and lakes. Good Marinettes can be purchased for reasonable amounts of money and Chrysler engine parts are still available (e.g. through MarysvilleMarine distributors, et al). The factory at has many other parts. You can buy a new Marinette.

The economical nature of the boat to buy and maintain, the cabin layout and sheer space of the design makes them popular.

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Why we moved.

The old site was failing (registration wasn't the only reason) and the costs exceeded $500 per year. This site is less than $40 per year.

Other sites.

Factory site where John Althouse is always glad to keep us in zincs and repair parts and lots of great stuff. DO NOT POST intellectual property belonging to John or anyone else. Copyright violation is stealing. Not even manuals. He owns the copyright.... Sheesh. If I post something, I have asked permission. Due to issues with the company leadership, you may not get great response but we hope the best.

Other club great sites.... , 

and repair tips by fast jeff. Jeff doesn't support the site, but the info is still there. 


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