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Welcome to the Marinette forum. We provide a better set of information to the Marinette forum members on classic Marinette (Aluminum Cruiser) boats. We have items of interest to all aluminum hulled boat owners (FeatherCraft, Roamer, Crestliner, Striker, etc).

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Art Izer sent us an old 1950's picture check it out in Member Boats.

A Vintage Aluminum Boat (Aluminum)

    Any aluminum boat in good condition displaying the classic lines of 1960's or earlier.

Classic Aluminum Cruisers

    Defined as a aluminum boat following classic styles of more than 20 years old in good condition.

Classic Aluminum Yacht

    Defined as a Aluminum boat following classic styles of more than 20 years old of more than 40 ft in length in good condition.

This is a split site that supports the membership in the on We moved from

We have a larger web space area for the site, and one that remains  pop-up free. Check out the parts viewer. 

We now have the FASTJEFF site-, Mack's boat at and the Letsium site . SorryDog at underseawalk has a Marinette Cat.

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National Marinette Association

Why a Marinette (or other aluminum boat)?

bulletLife Span - These boats with proper care last damn near forever and it's less care than other boats. It is estimated that the Majority of the 8000 Marinettes built are still out there with an average age > 20 years.
bulletCost Effectiveness - A 40 year old Marinette is like to outlast a new boat and even with repairs will still cost far less than a new boat.
bulletIt is not true that an aluminum boat will corrode away in sea water. You do have to put anodes on to protect. Marinettes are 50xx series aluminum alloy not 60xx series like some out drives.
bulletGas and Fuel costs - Lighter and cheaper to run.
bulletRepairable - Aluminum can be welded by a professional for less than a professional repair job for blisters.
bulletCustomizable - People make some radical changes to Marinettes (lengthen, Convert to outdrives, add or remove bridges, etc).
bulletPeople still make lots of aluminum boats so you can get parts (see the Metal Boat Society)
bulletHelp is available 
bulletClick here for more opinions on Marinette.



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Our Mission

The mission of this forum is to provide better aluminum boat resources and advice for all members. Our focus is the Marinettes made by Aluminum Cruisers, Inc. Check out the repair parts and get your boat listed in the member boats section. (Send the Delphi Forum Host an Email!!!)


Marinette aluminum boat support forum

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