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The Marinetteboat forum has moved. It is now on PHPBB at   ... Most users want this... go there and log in.

marinettejoe ... now marinetteman on the new site. ... if you are looking for the nice people in the city of Marinette... go here .. 

Marinette factory is run by John Althouse ... tell him if you are a forum member at

We are also now.

Logging into the article publishing

At the right is the JOOMLA login which is required for posting articles to the site as opposed to forum threads. This page is an article.

Very few users are allowed to post articles... sorry.

Logging in  to the forum

To login, new users will register first. Note : you need a new user name and password that is not associated with the previous site.  I cannot bring over old forum threads or user accounts.

Why we moved.

The old site was failing (registration wasn't the only reason) and the costs exceeded $500 per year. This site is less than $40 per year.

Other sites.

Factory site where John Althouse is always glad to keep us in zincs and repair parts and lots of great stuff. DO NOT POST intellectual property belonging to John or anyone else. Copyright violation is stealing. Not even manuals. He owns the copyright.... Sheesh. If I post something, I have asked permission.

Other club great sites.... , 

and repair tips by fast jeff.